Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, Buffalo, Missouri, Unit 62


Adopted:  March 12, 2019

  1. The name of the Unit shall be Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, Buffalo, MO Unit 62.
  2. Unit 62 meetings shall be held monthly in conjunction with our parent Chapter 62, at the Chapter 62 building, 1100 N. Maple, Buffalo, MO.
  3. A new member shall be presented a Constitution and Bylaws book, Unit Standing Rules, brief history of the Unit and a Unit roster by the Commander or the Membership Chairman. 
  4. The Commander shall appoint an Adjutant, Chaplain and any other Committees deemed necessary. (Reference National Constitution and Bylaws Unit Article XIV Sections 1 and 2.)
  5. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members, one (1) of which must be a Past Unit Commander and two (2) active senior members (18 and above) in good standing. The Commander shall read the names of this committee at the February meeting. This Committee shall select a slate of Officers for elections to be presented at the March meeting. Nominations may be made from the floor. (Elected Offices consist of Commander, Sr. Vice Commander, Jr. Vice Commander and Treasurer.)
  6. Notifications of the election shall be sent by mail, phone, or social media not less than ten (10) days prior to the annual election.
  7. Election of Unit Officers shall be held each year at the regular April meeting and such newly elected Officers shall be installed at the May meeting.
  8. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Commander, Sr. Vice Commander, Jr. Vice Commander, Treasurer, Immediate Past Commander and four (4) active senior members (18 and above). The Adjutant must be present to take minutes but is not necessarily a member of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee meetings shall be scheduled upon the request of the Commander. (Reference National Constitution and Bylaws Unit Article IV Section 1, Unit Article XII Section 1 and Unit Article XI Section 3-2.)
  9. The Sr. Vice Commander shall serve as the Legislative Chairman.
  10. The Jr. Vice Commander shall serve as the Community Service Chairman and may select additional member(s) to serve for the purpose of the food drive for the local food pantry in December.
  11. The Chaplain shall send cheer cards, sympathy cards and flowers/plants to Auxiliary members and members of the parent Chapter 62 as needed for the death, and milestone birthday/anniversary, provided funds are available. (Milestone birthdays are 70+ years in 5-year increments and milestone anniversaries are 25+ years in 5-year increments). The Chaplain will be allowed expenses for cards, stamps and flowers/plants upon request and must present all receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement from General Funds. The Chaplain shall report at each Unit meeting the number of cards and flowers/plants sent.  Flowers/plants must be ordered from Katrina’s Flowers in Buffalo.  The Chaplain shall also send a list of deceased member’s names to the State Chaplain by March 5th of each year.
  12. The Historian shall serve at the pleasure of the Commander.  A History/Memory Book will be kept and updated for the Unit.
  13. The Commander and the Chaplain are responsible for the meeting room being set up.
  14. A State Executive Committee member and an Alternate State Executive member shall be elected from the floor at the election meeting in May. $25.00 will be allowed for the SEC or the Alternate SEC to attend each State Executive meeting, provided funds are available.
  15. The registration fee will be paid for each member in good standing who attends the State and/or National Fall Conference(s) and Convention(s). Registration fees to be paid after said Conference(s) or Convention(s) provided funds available.  Lodging shall be provided for the Unit Commander. Lodging shall be provided for the Junior DAV Chaperone for any Fall Conference and/or Convention that the Junior DAV members attend provided funds are available and receipts are presented.
  16. At least one (1) rummage sale and bake sale shall be held annually.  Income from the August sale shall be used for assisting the Chapter with payment for propane for the year.  If a second sale is held, the income may be used to assist the Chapter with other bills or building improvements, if needed. The Unit will reimburse the Chapter for the electric bill for the month of the rummage sale(s).
  17. The Unit records shall be destroyed within the guidelines from National.
  18. Unit Commander shall appoint a Standing Rules Committee at the February meeting, and said Committee will present changes and/or updates to the Standing Rules at the March meeting. Any changes and/or updates will be adopted prior to the election meeting in April.
  19. A quorum for meetings shall consist of four (4) senior members (18 and above) with one (1) being the Unit Commander or a Vice Commander and one (1) senior member (18 and above) that is not in an elected position.
  20. The checking account for the Unit shall be maintained at O’Bannon Bank in Buffalo, MO.
  21. The Unit shall collect Best Choice labels, and the funds collected from this will go into the General Fund of the Unit.
  22. The Unit shall give an annual gift of $25.00 for the outgoing State Commander provided funds are available.
  23. The Unit shall maintain a website for communication with its members as well as the general public.  The URL shall be https://davaux-buffalomo.org.  Judi Woods will work with the Officers of the Unit to keep this site updated.
  24. The Unit agrees to pay the following recurring bills provided the funds are available.
    1. $175 to the Chapter for monthly housekeeping.
    2. Wood’s Supermarket and Cash Savers in house charge account.
    3. $200 annually to purchase supplies for a Veterans Home HBA closet.
    4. A working fund of $500 monthly to the Kitchen Manager (to be paid at the regular Unit meeting). The Kitchen Manager shall turn over all receipts and any unused funds to a Line Officer prior to the next Unit meeting. 
    5. A working fund of $200 to the Baker prior to the rummage sale(s).  The Baker will turn in all receipts and any leftover funds within thirty (30) days from the rummage sale(s).



Standing Rules Committee:
Mary Beavers

Beverly Mauer

Peggy Roberts

Judi Woods

Yvonne Piland