Don’t forget to vote this Tuesday November 6, 2018. Many have fought for our right to vote and yet very few act upon it. If you do not vote, then you have no right to complain!

It’s a sad fact that normally less than half of all eligible voters cast a ballot in midterm elections. That’s a ton of wasted opportunities isn’t it? Think about it. Those who win elections make decisions that impact every one of us at so many levels. They impact our children and grandchildren by deciding what schools can and cannot do. Their laws and regulations impact our livelihoods. They make decisions impacting cherished freedoms such as speech, religion, conscience, security, and privacy. They decide how much money to spend and how much we pay in taxes to run the government. They are a part of deciding whether we will be a country of order and the rule of law or whether we will continue with immigration laws that are ineffective and unmanageable. They help set the direction of our cities, states, and our country. This just touches on the ways election results directly impact our daily lives. Are these issues important to you? Then you need to research the options on the ballot, PRAY and ask God for His wisdom, and make sure you VOTE. 

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